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Since you’ve found this site, you probably know that e-cigarettes are devices which simulate the sensation and act of smoking. You probably also know that in addition to their other benefits such as the lack of second hand smoke, ash and smell, and the ability to use them in many places where smoking just isn’t allowed, they also cost much less than traditional cigarettes – often half as much.

But as is the case with almost anything these days, they also cost more than you’d probably like to spend. The batteries are rechargeable, but are an initial expense. The cartridges (or whatever they’re called by your e-cigarette manufacturer of choice) or the e-liquid is a regular expense. You may be saving thousands of dollars a year by using e-cigarettes — but why spend more than you have to for your regular smoking/vaping supplies?

That’s where we come in.

We regularly review all of the electronic cigarettes on the market for our sister site, The Smoking Section. And in doing that work, we have access to lots of e-cigarette coupon codes and e-cig discount offers that are made available by the companies. Some are permanent discounts, some are holiday specials or other one-time offers.

Rather than let you pay full price for your E-cigarettes and replacement atomizers or liquid, we pass along those special offers here. It may be 10-20% off your entire order, it may be a special offer or discount on a particular product, or it may be holiday savings which can run as much as 50% off merchandise at a particular ecig company.

If you’re just thinking about trying electronic cigarettes, there’s no better place to find the best deals for starter kits or disposable e-cigarettes. If you’re a regular user, bookmark us now, so you’ll always be able to get the best possible prices, electronic cigarette discounts and e-cigarette coupons. We believe that vaping is the wave of the future for many reasons, and we’re proud to be in the forefront of helping people find the best products and the best deals.

Here are today’s two most popular electronic cigarette coupon codes – see the list to your right (near the top of the page) to access all of our current discount offers, by brand.


Get 15% off all top-rated V2 Cigs starter kits with this coupon code. We check online daily and this is the biggest discount available for V2 Cigs starter kits. Just click to your right to get our exclusive coupon code, and use it when you check out. Discounts work on all sale merchandise, too, so you can add to your savings when you shop the V2 site.
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10% OFF GREEN SMOKE > $100

BIGGEST DISCOUNT AVAILABLE ONLINE. Use this coupon code to receive 10% any order over $100 at Green Smoke. Just click the button to your right to get the code, then visit Green Smoke and enter the code in your shopping cart when you check out to receive your discount. Your 10% off includes any merchandise on sale or clearance, too.
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