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Premium Vapes are noteworthy not just because they’re a solid product with smooth vapor, but because they have an enormous list of more than twenty different flavors of e-cigs for sale, ranging from tobacco and menthol to irish cream and blueberry. They have a massive choice of fashion designs, and also sell e-cigars.

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Premium Vapes, previously known as Premium Electronic Cigarettes, has been in the Western e-cigarette market almost since the beginning with their first offerings available in 2008. They’ve carved out a terrific niche since then, offering a good product with the most varied selections of any major e-cig company.

One of the first things you notice when you try a Premium ecigarette is that it’s smooth; there isn’t a huge throat hit and the vapor goes down easily. The exhale clouds are still well above-average, however, making this an ideal choice for smokers accustomed to lighter brands.

As mentioned above, the choices in flavors and designs offered by Premium Vapes are what really appeal to many vapers. You can find more flavors if you want to bother buying blank cartridges and filling them regularly with e-liquid, but if you prefer the ease of use found with pre-filled cartridges, this is the way to go. As of this writing, there are 21 Premium flavors (plus a few extra seasonal ones) on sale; of course, there are tobacco and menthol, but there are savory choices like clove, coffee, chocolate and irish cream, fruit flavors like double apple, mango peach, cherry, blueberry and watermelon, and novelty selections like cola and red energy. There are variety packs as well, if you can’t decide. Strengths range from extra strong all the way down to no nicotine.

Premium Vapes Coupon Code

Premium Vapes starter kits aren’t as full-featured as those offered by many competitors – they consist of the less expensive “starter pack” (one battery, two cartridges, and a USB charger) plus an extra battery, five more carts, another USB charger with an AC adapter, a disposable cigarette (and at times when they’re offering a special, a power cig that plugs into your computer). They’re reasonably priced, though – which leaves extra money to play around with their flavor selections and their wide range of battery designs. You can also buy just the “starter pack” if you want to start small.

Premium also carries a line of EGO products (which are thicker than a regular cigarette or e-cig, but have as much as four times the power including a starter kit and lots of refill flavor alternatives, and for more advanced or experienced vapers, Premium also has a wide choice of tank systems and mods available, plus two lines of eliquid.

It’s impossible to make a short list of all the fashion choices in the Premium Vapes lineup. There are 14 different battery color choices (with several available in manual versions as well), ones with different colored crystal tips, more than a dozen custom designs ranging from roses to skulls, and a number of cool skins which fit your cartridges to complete a unique look. They’re also the only major company offering e-cigars, both kits and disposables.

Of all the companies selling electronic cigarettes, Premium Vapes is by far the most unique, and their website is the most fun to shop at or browse. And their products are excellent. Don’t forget to use the Premium Vapes coupon code at the top of the page to get the best discount you can find online.