White Cloud Electronic Cigarette Coupon Code

White Cloud is a premium quality e-cigarette. The draw is extremely smooth and the electronics are top-notch; they used to be the most expensive product on the market and even then were worth checking out. They’ve reduced their prices to market levels, though, and that makes them a very good buy. There’s a wide selection of flavors, and they’re one of the few companies that also offers “double extra strength” nicotine levels in their cartridges.

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There’s a good reason why White Cloud’s electronic cigarette feels so solid when you hold it; every one is hand-assembled. The construction model is different than usual, with the heating coil placed further from the cartridges so that they don’t get hot like some models do. The “Smooth Draw” cartridges are noteworthy as well, as they indeed provide a very smooth vapor inhale with nice clouds on the exhale, and no leaking vapor as you sometimes find with lesser products. All-in-all, it’s a superior ecig, technologically.

There is a very nice selection of flavors from White Cloud, and they are particularly distinctive for offering most of the flavors in double extra-strength, which is very difficult to find unless you buy e-liquid and fill cartridges or tanks. Of course, they also have extra strength, full flavor, light, ultra-light and no nicotine available. Their selection includes several tobacco flavors and menthol; chocolate, vanilla and strawberry; four other fruit varieties; clove, mint, cinnamon and spice; plus limited edition flavors that come and go.

White Cloud Coupon Code

Unlike most manufacturers, White Cloud doesn’t have a “flagship” starter kit. They have several different accessorized kits based on their Cirrus 2 and Cirrus 3 models; perhaps the best bet is the Cirrus 3X which comes with three of their longest-lasting batteries, plus the usual chargers, adapters and cartridges. They also have some terrific cutting-edge products, including their squid charger which lets you charge as many as three batteries at once, and their “invisi-vapor” cartridges (which, as the name suggests, don’t emit much vapor) for use in places where vaping may be frowned upon.

Their batteries only come in three colors: white, black and brushed metal. But they do offer a wide selection of vapor jackets in various colors and patterns, which you can shrink-wrap to fit your batteries for a customized look and remove when you get sick of them.

White Cloud is a electronic cigarette which is always on the cutting edge of technology, and their engineers are always introducing innovative products which you just won’t find anywhere else. It’s a terrific brand that continues to improve and now is priced competitively. Be sure to get an even better deal by using the White Cloud coupon code discount at the top of this page.